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Brandon Ray Collins

Worship Pastor at Madison Park Church of God – Anderson, Indiana


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I currently serve as the worship pastor at Madison Park Church of God in Anderson, Indiana.  It is an incredible group of people who are authentic and care about their local community.  If you are interested in learning more about the church or becoming a part of the team, I would love to talk with you!

In order to get to know me a little more, below you will find a highlight video of me leading worship in different environments and sharing my heart about worship.  You will also find my formal resume and a few music recordings that I’ve produced.



A song that I wrote and recorded called “My Soul Cries Out” was a Top 10 finalist in the PraiseCharts 2015 Winter Songquest.  I programed, performed and recorded all the instruments and vocals on this track.

A song that I wrote and recorded called “Endure.”  I programed, performed and recorded all the instruments and vocals on this track.

Formal Resume


West Liberty University

Graduated in December 2007

West Liberty, WV

Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration with a Specialization in Management

Brooke High School

May 2003

Wellsburg, WV

Future Business Leaders of America, Soccer, Jazz Band, Musicals

General Studies


Northview Church – Carmel, Indiana

August 2015

Ordained by elders and lead pastor


Church, Ministry and Worship Leading Experience

Madison Park Church of God

Worship & Guest Experience Pastor

Church size: 2,000 +

October 2019 – Present

  • Led Church from two different styled services (traditional and contemporary) to two identical services
  • Designed & Improved guests experience from “the street to the seat”
  • Led Worship regularly in a room size of 2,200
  • Participated in visioneering and strategizing the overall direction of the church
  • Dramatically improved the online worship experience with a very limited budget and resources in the face of a global pandemic
  • Created new culture of genuine passion and excellence in the overall worship and tech area of the weekend experiences
  • Transformed a negative and inward thinking team to a positive and service minded team
  • Led Creative planning for all major events (Christmas, Easter, Nights of Worship, Prayer Events, Outdoor Baptisms, Etc)
  • Organized and oversaw creation of high quality video content
  • Oversaw major technology buildout plans and processes
  • Developed High Capacity Volunteers
  • Led 8 Staff Members
  • Evaluated & redesigned worship, production & guest experience budget
  • Analyzed and Problem Solved pre-existing worship department structure
  • Led & Curated Prayer and Devotional Resources for the congregation

Real Life Church Lead Worship Pastor

Church size: 8,000 +

8 Campuses

Aug 2018 – Feb 2019

  • Oversaw & Pastored 8 campus worship teams
  • Led team of 10 staff  – team of 3 full time employees, and 7 part time employees
  • Custom Created and Implemented Multi-site strategy tailored for Real Life’s future growth and overall health
  • Evaluated & Redesigned Global worship budget
  • Identified and Problem Solved pre-existing worship department structure
  • Effectively communicated with 8 campuses (leadership and volunteers) across the greater Orlando area
  • Led Worship at campuses from room sizes of of 2,000 to 150

Northview Church Greater Lafayette Campus Worship Pastor

Church size: 12,000 +

9 Campuses

Aug 2013 – August 2018

  • Helped Grow the Greater Lafayette campus from a church of 250 to a church of 1,300 which resulted in a brand new permanent facility building which opened May 2016
  • Led Worship at all campuses from room sizes of of 2,000 to 50
  • Developed Volunteer Worship Team from 12 members to over 80+ members
  • Created New Culture of genuine passion and excellence in the overall worship and tech area of the weekend experiences
  • Transformed a negative and inward thinking team to a positive and service minded team
  • Developed Multi-Site Worship Team Strategy for new campus launches.  It outlines how to start a worship and tech team from scratch so that a campus worship experience can thrive from day one of the campus opening.
  • Created multi-site song selection process which allowed all campuses to use same song sets every week, while making worship pastors feel that their input mattered and their creativity was utilized.
  • Developed volunteer based organization chart to help equip and empower leadership within the Greater Lafayette campus
  • “Led Upward” and effectively collaborated in a large team in a multi-site church setting of 9 campuses.
  • Served as global Music Director to all campus worship teams of Northview.  (Chart creation, Music Director for large combined multi-site events, Band vision leader)
  • Composed original music based on Pastors messages and what was happening in the local church

The Experience Church  (Director of Worship)

Feb 2010 – Aug 2013

  • Head Worship leader lead guitarist, drummer and vocalist
  • Member of Business Advisory Team (vision casting, and leading over 100 weekly volunteers)
  • Member of Creative Team (skits, commercials, promotion & marketing)
  • Always prepared for professional quality high level performances every Sunday
  • Led team of 30 rotating volunteer band members
  • Led worship to over 400 people every Sunday
  • Creatively planned worship experiences (combined scripture, stage design, and overall presentation to keep a fresh atmosphere for the church)
  • Wrote music based off of what is happening in the local church
  • Culture Development (Took an old negative unorganized worship culture and led it into a new, creative, passionate and positive one)

Ohio Valley Young Life Organization (volunteer)

Dec 07 – Aug 12

  • Mentored High School Youth through one on one time, outings, camps and clubs
  • Created &  Executed Exciting Music, Skits & Games
  • Led Bible Studies that were relevant to high school teens
  • Spoke engaging biblical messages to large groups of teens at clubs and events
  • Provided positive influence and direction to tomorrow’s leaders
  • Worked with other leaders to create successful and exciting events and outings for the youth
  • Learned to adapt to personalities of all kinds

Carpenter’s Home Church (volunteer)

Dec 2005 -Dec 2007

  • Worship Leader and guitarist on a rotating schedule
  • Received mentorship from very talented and seasoned musicians
  • Followed instruction of head worship leader
  • Performed with talent of all levels

Riverview Baptist Chapel (volunteer)

Dec 2001 -Dec 2005

  • Started My Relationship with Jesus at this church
  • Found my calling to use my gift of music to serve God’s church after seeing Jeremy Camp at Creation Festival in 2003 during a Riverview Baptist Chapel youth group event
  • Learned to play Drums & Guitar in an older folk style hymn based worship team

Ideal Weddings (Owner)

Wheeling, WV

May 2009 – August 2014

I started and developed a wedding business to sustain my family financially while we served as high capacity volunteers in our local church. We provided most aspects of weddings events (Planning, Decorating, DJ, Musician, Tuxedo and Linen Rentals)

Music Experience

“Brandon Ray Collins” Solo Music & “Vigilant” Christian Rock Band

Christian Rock/Alternative/Pop

2003 – 2010

  • Top 10 Finalist in 2015 Winter Praise Charts Songquest  for original song “My Soul Cries Out”
  • Songs Recognized by Grammy Award Winning Producers and Songwriters at the “Onseeker Worldwide Talent Search” in 2007
  • Finalist at Creation East Festival 2006 for battle of the bands competition (Top 3) hosted by Sanctus Real
  • Opened shows for Third Day, Matt Mahr, Trevor Morgan, Falling Up, Pivitplex, Avalon, David McClintock and Chris Rice
  • Kept detailed accounting records of all the bands monetary transactions
  • Spoke and performed comfortably in front of many audiences of over 1,000 people
  • Booked and promoted events
  • Produced, Wrote & Recorded 1 Full Quality E.P. and 2 Full Length Album
  • Songs received airplay on local secular & christian rock stations and various Christian podcasts over the country

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have!  Do not hesitate to call or write at any time!


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